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Poetry Matters is a home-grown print poetry journal that began in Spring 2006.

Censorship can take many forms. The inability to find a place of publication can be social censorship.

Poetry is freedom. Anyone can write poetry.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of work to create the poetry that reaches the places only poetry knows.

Whoever you are, wherever you are,
Poetry Matters welcomes you as readers and writers.

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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Final issue of Poetry Matters

The final issue of Poetry Matters, Issue 40, was published in December 2020.


In April 2021 the first issue of the new poetry magazine, oxygen, was published.


Green Tree Publishing 

Friday, 17 April 2020

Another shot at a counter cultural revolution

Let us not ruin this new opportunity for far-reaching cultural change. Let's get serious.

In a time of pause, many voices still don't shut up. They still want to dominate, they still want to gripe and point the finger at others. They are there at the barricades waiting to burst through the current restrictions placed upon their bodies.

But for many it is a time for much needed introspection and shifting from the addiction to entertainment, attention-seeking and instant gratification.

We have been asked, every one of us, to change our habits, to stop what we have been doing, in order to protect the collective good.

We are working together, we are co-operating, we are acknowledging our interdependence. It is beautiful to witness. People are noticing others because they have to physically stay distant from them. People have slowed down because they have to be aware of their actions. In the space created, kindness and consideration and thoughtfulness appear.

Isolation can do a lot of good for people. We can begin to reach into our inner resourcefulness, our inner creativity.

We are all creative and we are all able to adapt. That is how we have come to have such a huge impact on our habitat. 

So now that we are all experiencing this together we can enhance our creativity for the good of all. 

Artists are people who choose to devote a large part of their lives to creative expression. A true artist does not do this because they want to be rich or famous or special. A true artist not only produces works of art, but a different way to be human. They practice not just art production but new ways of seeing, being, feeling, and relating to the world and others.   

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The work of poetry

Poetry is looking about with a torch backstage.

Poetry doesn't enter by the front door declaring itself. It uses the back door, climbs in through windows, or drops down the chimney.

Poetry unbridles words from their hackneyed uses. It lets them out to find fresh fields.