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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Sitting and Waiting


Radio National, Big Ideas, The Consequences of Trauma, 21 May 2019

Healing and Human Rights: From Philosophy to Practice recorded at the 2nd Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference. 29 March 2019

Poem 'Sitting and Waiting' recited by Dr Vikki Reynolds, Canadian activist/therapist. The poem was written by an Iranian refugee who was tortured in a prison in Iran for seven years. He escaped and got to Canada. His first attempt to be recognised as a refugee failed. The poem is not about his time in prison in Iran but his experience in Canada.

Sitting and Waiting 

Sitting and waiting
in the line of a slap
when your hands are tied.
Standing in front of waves of accusation
while your mouth is shut.
And the eyes which are blindfolded
with black cloth
and I am watching the future.
The future is unknown.
Where is the safest place in the world?
Where is the end of being a refugee?