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Censorship can take many forms. The inability to find a place of publication can be social censorship.

Poetry is freedom. Anyone can write poetry.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of work to create the poetry that reaches the places only poetry knows.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The work of poetry

Poetry is looking about with a torch backstage.

Poetry doesn't enter by the front door declaring itself. It uses the back door, climbs in through windows, or drops down the chimney.

Poetry unbridles words from their hackneyed uses. It lets them out to find fresh fields. 


Sunday, 1 December 2019

A poem is a poem

Having an idea to write a poem about something produces a dull work that is not truly poetry, but rather prosaic - even if it has used within it poetic devices.

Real poetry comes from something that wakes up inside us. 

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Luke Cornish - stencil artist

The mural has been criticised as "offensive propaganda".


 Artists expect to receive criticism. 

People generally like to retreat to their comfortable lies. If they can afford to have them; because lies cost. 

What is an artist's job? To open people's eyes.

Where does art belong? In the street for all to see. 

'The government doesn't do what we tell them to do, they do what we let them do.' Cornish
'Common decency will apply to those human beings that are with us in Port Moresby and Manus right now,'  Mr Marape said. (PNG Prime Minister, who was in Australia in July urging the Australian Prime Minister to bring the six years of using Manus Island as a detention centre to a close.)

A confronting mural at Bondi, what could be a better way to remind people that common decency is straining to be heard?

But it seems that some prefer a diet of government and corporate propaganda.